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Glossary: Medical Words & Acronyms


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Ablation therapy / cryo-ablation / thermo-ablation / radiofrequency ablation: a surgical procedure performed inside the heart by the tip of a catheter that burns or freezes tissue; ablation destroys abnormal 'reentrant' pacemaker tissue sites that cause arrhythmias

Acronym: a word created from the first letter of a sequence of words; CPR = cardio pulmonary resuscitation; EP = electrophysiology; AHA = American Heart Association; AF = atrial fibrillation

Aelius Galenus: Galen: son of Aelius Nikon from Greece; physician who discovered the pulse; disciple of Hippocrates; commingled circulation & respiration; taught that invisible holes in heart mixed air (oxygen) into blood; post hoc delusion; invisible pulmonary capillaries (alveoli) inside lungs mix oxygen into blood

Alcohol: sedative; hypnotic; anesthetic; tranquilizer

Alveoli: tiny air pockets intertwine with tiny arteries and veins inside lungs; absorb oxygen during inspiration and release warm moist vapor full of carbon dioxide during exhalation, respiration mingles circulation with ventilation / breathing.

Atelectasis: collapsing of alveoli; airway mucous plug → atelectasis; circulating blood clots → atelectasis; ↓ air cooling process of breathing → hyperthermia, night sweats, and hot flashes

Ambiguous: not proven true; not proven false; theoretical; idiopathic; confusing;  mysterious; paradoxical

Anesthesiologist: a physician who studies vapors, anesthesia drugs, circulation, respiration, cognitive function, blood coagulation, pain management, diabetes, and neuropathy; a neuroscientist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, hematologist, CPR specialist

Arrhythmia: irregular pulse, abnormal ECG; premature beats; skipped heartbeats; palpitations; reentry circuits

Atypical Angina: spasm of right coronary artery; congenital heart defect; PFO →left to right blood shunt → mitral valve prolapse + right atrial swelling → atypical angina

Anaerobic: without oxygen; lack of oxygen; suffocation; lack of respiration (breathing); lack of circulation (internal suffocation); oxygen desaturation; drowning; pulmonary embolism

Anticoagulation: blood thinner; aspirin; heparin; plavix; warfarin; rat poison; ↑bleeding

Anxiety: panic attack; lack of oxygen; choking on food; pulmonary embolism

Ambien: sleeping pill; hypnotic

Artery: muscular thick walled blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart into muscles, brain, and organs of the body; muscular blood vessel that carries blood into lung alveoli

Aspirin: bark of Salix tree; natural remedy; reduces platelets coagulation; overdose → tinnitus

Asthma: wheezing; difficulty breathing; smoke or dust inhalation → respiratory asthma; pulmonary embolism (detritus, thrombus) → circulatory asthma (exercise-induced asthma)

Atrial Fibrillation: regularly irregular pulse; thrombodextracardia pulsus erraticus; AV (atrial ventricular) valve malfunction; mitral valve valve stenosis or tricuspid valve valve malfunction; thrombo tricuspidis valvulae cordis

Atrial Flutter: tachycardia; AV valve malfunction; fast weak heart beat; 'heart block' thrombocardia pulsus reversus; fluttering jugular pulsations and  fluttering upper left chest (left atrium) palpitations; thrombo tricuspidis valvulae cordis; re-entry circuits pulmonary veins

Autoimmune: immune response of the body against germs or viruses or foreign bodies that invade cells and generate toxins, inflammation that destroys healthy normal tissue


Benign: mild; opposite of malignant; not important

Bigeminy: slow strong pulse; thrombocardia pulsus interruptus; pulmonary valve blood clot, thrombo pulmonis valvulae cordis; skipped heartbeats, bradycardia

Biventricular: both ventricles; right and left ventricles

Blood Pressure: vital sign; blood volume, cardiac output, cardiac contractility; systolic contraction pressure / diastolic relaxation pressure; arterial line; sphygmomanometer; pulse oximeter; ebb and flow of blood

Blood clots: natural purple bloody glue; forms healing patch that cover injured tissue; blood = resin & lactic acid = hardener; acid + red blood cells + platelets + sticky proteins + time → natural sticky purple bloody glue

Blood vessels: arteries; veins; capillaries; flexible tubes that transport blood from the heart into the body and lungs

Bradycardia / slow heartbeat / thrombocardia at pulmonary valve → bradycardia / athletic heart

Brain Fog: cerebral acidotic blood alters neurotransmission; bloody debris, detritus into brain → ischemia, lack of oxygen → alters nerve cell polarity;  cognitive dysfunction; erebral bloody detritus causes brain fog; transient ischemic attack

Burp: natural response by the body to gas inside the stomach or esophagus; a thrombocardiac reflex of the body caused by blood clots inside the pulmonary artery that compress and irritate the esophagus, pulsating clots against the esophagus stimulate swallowing air, which leads to burping. Burping is therapeutic and massages clots in the artery past the esophagus.


CHF: Congestive Heart Failure; low cardiac output, low ejection fraction; myocardial dysfunction; ischemia; hypoxia; sepsis; infarction; acidosis; dilated ventricles; impending cardiac arrest; chronic thrombocardia causes CHF

CO: Carbon Monoxide; a clear gas produced during incomplete carbon combustion with oxygen

CO2: Carbon Dioxide; a clear heavy gas produced during combustion; metabolism oxidizes sugar, starch, fat or proteins & produces energy + heat + H2O + CO2

CPR: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation; treatment for sudden thrombocardiac arrest; hands only

Cancer: abnormal cells; physician & pathologist Dr Rudolph Virchow discovered leukemia & published Omnis cellula e cellula 1858 / physician and cellular biologist Dr Otto Warburg discovered cancer cells produce lactic acid; cancer lactic acid → blood clots; example, Hogdkin's lymphoma → blood clots → hyperthermia + night sweats + tachycardia; clots cause sweats and tachycardia

Carbon dioxide: CO2;  produced during metabolism; exhaled during respiration; elevated carbon dioxide causes narcolepsy

Carbon Monoxide(CO):  produced outside of the body; inhaled from smoke, automobile exhaust; pulse oximeter measures CO, carboxyhemoglobin; corresponds to decreased venous blood flow with metabolic acidosis; evaluates lactic acid and monitors peripheral neuropathy

Cardiac Output / amount of blood pumped by the ventricle during the contraction of the heart / blood pressure / ejection fraction (EF) / thrombocardia → valvular stenosis at pulmonary valve causes long QT / blood clots → ↓EF,  ↑ejection time → long QT

Cardiac ICU Nurse / a nurse in the intensive care unit  / vital sign expert / a trained observer

Cardiac Arrest / heart stops pumping blood / commotio cordis / dilated ventricles / acute heart failure / hemorrhage / drowning / trauma / thrombocardia at pulmonary valve / CPR expels blood clots out of pulmonary valve + restores circulation

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation / CPR / "hands only" chest compressions / electrical defibrillation / squeeze right ventricle / expels clot / reopens clogged pulmonary valve

Cardiologist / physician, surgeon or scientist who studies the heart and circulation / American Heart Association / American Stroke Association / American College of Cardiology / Heart Rhythm Society

Carotid Artery / artery that carries blood into the brain / neck pulse / heartbeat

Cerebral Cortex / complex thinking part of the brain / supra tentorium / imagination 

Chinese medicine / pulse / herbs / Tai Chi / yin – yang / cold – hot / male - female

Clot / thrombus / blood is resin that contains platelets with sticky proteins; lactic acid is the hardener that stimulates blood to coagulate into soft debris called detritus which hardens over minutes of time into elastic thrombus which forms a sticky healing purple patch that covers torn blood injured blood vessels and prevents exsanguination

Cognitive Dysfunction / brain fog / confusion / post op thinking in recovery room / CO2 narcosis / blood contaminated with clots and detritus cause brain malfunction

Congestive Heart Failure / CHF / low ejection fraction / heart failure / weak / tired / depression / coginitive dysfunction

Conscious / awake / the opposite of unconscious / hypnosis = sleep = unconscious

Cortex / Cerebral / grey convolutions of the brain where conscious cognition and dreams occur / center of imagination

Coughing / natural reflex that expels inhaled smoke, dust from respiration / natural reflex that expels blood clots out of heart valves and propels blood clots & detritus into pulmonary alveoli where enzymes dissolve clots back into red blood cells

Crazy / delusions / hallucinations / false beliefs / illogical / emotional / pseudologia / confabulations / persistent abnormal thinking / belief in magic or supernatural / induced by LSD or mushrooms / cognitive dysfunction


Delusions / false beliefs / example ‘the world is flat’ / persistent misinterpretation of data that contradicts evidence

Detritus / bloody debris / partly coagulated blood / precursor of thrombus / composed of red blood cells + sticky proteins + platelets / embolism of detritus clogs up pulmonary alveoli → exercise induced asthma + oxygen desaturation event

Depression / sadness / weakness / a natural condition caused by heart failure / Takotsubo / Q Waves

Dilated Heart / cardiomegaly / enlarged heart ventricles / stenosis of outflow valve / pulmonary or aortic valve / Law of La Place: enlarged ventricle has weak contraction → low ejection fraction, low cardiac output / stenosis causes heart to increase speed, tachycardia / stenosis causes long QT / tachycardia + long QT leads to ‘Q on T’ / blood clots in the pulmonary valve causes RVOT / RVOT leads to premature ventricular contractions, ventricular tachycardia → fibrillation → asystole → sudden death

Dilated Ventricles / precursor to ventricular tachycardia - fibrillation - asystole

Dizzy spells / light headed, spinning, brain fog / low blood pressure → ‘light headed’ / embolism of detritus into brain →‘spinning’ ‘brain fog’ sensations / paradoxical emboli into cortex  → flashing lights, visual migraine, TIA (transient ischemic attack) / blood clots at pulmonary valve → consecutive skipped beats → low blood pressure + cerebral hypoxia / light headed dizzy spell precedes fainting


EP / electrophysiology: the logical study of electricity and physiology / observes and interprets EKG changes during electric stimulation of heart muscle / teaches that the heart is under electric control of the SA node inside the right atrium

Einthoven / famous physician who discovered the EKG in 1903 / Nobel Prize 1924

EKG / ECG / electrocardiogram / graph paper record of electrical activity during heartbeat / three waves: P, QRS, and T

Electricity / static electricity / friction electric charges (potentials), which are created by moving polarized water molecules / fast flowing air full of water droplets inside clouds generate giant electric charges / lightning = depolarization of electric charges from clouds to earth / repolarization of charges follow depolarization as electricity surges back up into cloud from earth / thunder = powerful loud sound waves generated by sudden expansion of air vaporized by lightning / moving water falls generate streaming electric potentials /  voltmeter measures electric potentials blood contains water and blood flow generates electricity of EKG / post hoc confusion and delusions

Electro-mechanical dissociation / pulseless electrical activity / pulse deficit / continuous PEA = cardiac arrest / thrombocardia pulsus interruptus is PEA / continuous pulsus interruptus is thrombocardiac arrest and requires 'hands only' CPR, which is cardiopulmonary resuscitation  

Electrocardiogram / EKG / ECG / electrical activity recorded during the heartbeat / composed P, QRS and T waves / discovered by Einthoven in 1903 / electrical video vital sign of heartbeat

Electrophysiologist / studies electrical activity of the heartbeat / muscle contraction / brain waves

Electrophysiology / EP = electrical EKG response of the heartbeat caused by internal electrical stimulation of the heart by a cardiologist using four internal catheters inside the heart chambers

Embolize / migrate / Explanation: movement of blood clots from inside large leg muscles of into the larger pelvic and abdominal vein up through the vena cava into the right atrium of the heart / clots pass through the heart and stop in the lungs / Dr Virchow discovered ‘embolia’ in Germany

Esophagus / smooth muscle tube that connects the mouth to the stomach / peristalsis / pacemaker cells imbedded in the walls of the muscle / Explanation: burping is a natural reflex caused by blood clots passing through the pulmonary artery, clots build up at the intersection where the artery narrows down as it curls around the esophagus, burping stretches the artery and allows the clots to pass the obstruction, gagging and coughing also help move the clot past the obstruction at the esophagus


Fact / Truth / Veritas / an event that is repeatable & generally accepted as true / opposite of false, fantasy, fake, flawed, fraud, fiction, distortion, delusion, confabulation

Fantasy / fiction / delusion / untrue / generally accepted as not being fact, the opposite of true

Fainting / syncope / unconscious / Explanation: hypoxia → anaerobic metabolism → acidosis  alters cellular polarity which interferes with neurotransmission → brain goes to sleep

Femoral / femur = thigh / blood vessels in upper leg / connected to iliac vein in the groin / connect to inguinal pelvic area / important arteries, veins and nerves that connect legs to body

Femoral Artery, Nerve &Vein / neurovascular bundle / three enclosed as one / ‘trinity’ of distinct structures in the groin / acidosis alters polarity & nerve transmission → neuropathy / compartment syndrome → venous acidosis inside the ‘trinity’ of gluteal structures (nerve, artery & vein) in buttocks / lactic acid neuropathy explains pyriformis syndrome>

Fever / elevated temperature / hyperthermia / metabolism uses oxygen and converts sugar and fat into energy, heat, water, carbon dioxide / the body is an air cooled machine / Pulmonary atelectasis (collapsed air pockets, blood clots in alveoli) reduce pulmonary surface area that cools blood and causes hot flashes, night sweats / atelectasis reduces exhalation of moist air and causes retained water that cause bloating and headaches during PMS 

Flatline / asystole / heart without motion / no heartbeat / no blood flow / end of life / death

Flip / Flop / palpitation / ventricular bigeminy / elongated blood clot passes through pulmonary valve and ruptures into pieces

Fluttering / palpitation / blood clots passing through tricuspid valve / right atrial swelling stimulates a ‘ring’ or circle of pacemaker sites to send rapid signals, pulse is fast and weak / P waves = atrial contractions / QRS waves = ventricular contractions / pulsus reversus = fluttering upward blood pulsation into the jugular veins of the neck / pulsi reversi inside left atrium cause fluttering sensations and re-entry circuits in pulmonary veins

Flow Murmur / narrow heart valve / blood turbulence / heart valves open and close as blood flows through two powerful pumping heart ventricles / narrow valves increase speed of blood flow through valves and cause blood flow turbulence murmurs / murmurs correspond to abnormal EKG / mitral valve stenosis cause tall wide bifid "split" P wave


Gag / "external" reflex caused by food stuck inside the esophagus of the throat / "internal" gag reflex is caused by large blood clots that build up inside the pulmonary artery next to the esophagus at the junction where the artery curls around the esophagus and goes into the lungs / blood clot "internal" gagging and burping while sleeping causes GERD

Galen / surgeon and physician / discovered heartbeat → pulse / used imagination to explain circulation and respiration: commingled two processes into one / post hoc ergo propter hoc /  'invisible holes in the heart' mix air into blood 

Gallileo: famous ferocious Italian professor of physics / observed that the world was a rotating sphere / contradicted non-scientific post hoc interepretations of the Bible / accused and convicted of heresy

Graft / foreign body made from synthetic fibers woven into flexible soft mesh patches that are used by surgeons to replace arteries, veins, ligaments or other tissue / foreign material stimulates powerful autoimmune inflammatory response → infection, seroma, abscess formation → neuropathic pain → chronic fatigue + chronic pain

Groin / lower part of abdomen next to the belly button (umbilicus) / connects to the upper thigh


Harvey: gracious teacher and physician who discovered one way heart valves / designed new theory of respiration and circulation / published De Motu Cordis in 1628 / theory of invisible capillaries inside alveoli that absorbed oxygen into blood

Heart / two curved flexible neuromuscular blood pumping tubes that are connected together like Siamese twins / six connected pumping parts that contain nerves, arteries, and veins / synchronized repeating peristaltic cardiac contractions pump about 70 milliliters of blood into the body and lungs each second of time / two ventricles are reciprocating fluid pumps with four one way ‘in and out’ flow valves / connected to the brain by blood vessels / what goes on inside the heart directly impacts on cognitive function and emotions / blood flow stimulates the heart to beat 

Heartbeat / pulse / Galen discovered heart contractions generate peripheral pulses / felt at wrist (radial artery) & neck (carotid artery) / left ventricular contraction + aortic contraction → pulse

Heart Failure / congestive heart failure / CHF / enlarged heart / swollen heart / dilated ventricles / tachycardia / valvular malfunction: regurgitation, incompetence, ↓ ejection fraction / bloody debris or infection at valves / infection → calcification = acquired valve disease / weakness & depression

Heart-lung metabolic machine / Alveoli / Respiration + Circulation + Metabolism / inspiration of cool dry air full of oxygen / exhalation of moist warm air full of carbon dioxide depleted of oxygen / mixes oxygen into blood /  removes CO2 / removes H2O / removes metabolic heat created by cellular metabolism inside mitochondria: glucose (fat) + O2 → energy + H2O + heat + CO2

Heart murmur / blood flow turbulence during heartbeat / heart valve infection, blood clots, anemia

Heart Valves / four important parts of the heart / two in right ventricle + two in left ventricle / two large atrial ventricular (AV) inflow valves connect veins from the lungs and body with ventricles / two small round outflow valves (VA) connect two ventricles with two great arteries 

Heme / Iron / Oxygen Transport / Magnetic / Blood Color / Red Pink / Orange Blue / Purple Black / pulse oximeter 

Hemorrhage / bleeding / injury / torn or cut blood vessels / accidents / surgery / tachycardia / low blood pressure / sudden death

Hippocrates / do no harm / Father of modern medicine / belief in the spiritual & emotional nature of man / evidence based therapy / scientific / opposite of magic or supernatural

Holter monitor / EKG monitor / computer science / electricity / video vital sign of heartbeat

Hot Flash / fever / elevated temperature / hyperthermia / sweating / malfunction of air cooling system / clogged up alveoli / PMS / atelectasis / blood clots / pulmonary thrombo embolism

Hypoxia / without oxygen / anoxia / anaerobic / sudden global lactic acidosis / sudden death 


Idiopathic / unexplained / not yet understood

Imagination / the use of intelligence to make sense out of data / more important than knowledge / right side of brain

Innovative / creative / art / right side of brain

Insomnia / sleepless / Ondine’s curse: insomnia begets insomnia / thrombocardia at tricuspid valve during sleep causes tachycardia which causes sleep arousal / Therapy: Yoga, meditation / relaxation / slow deep breathing with legs elevated / 8 hours of sleep every night / control alcohol use

Intelligent: the ability to learn, remember, compare and understand data and relationships / left side of brain

Iron / Fe / hemoglobin contains iron / ferrous & ferric / oxygen transport system / heme

Irregularly irregular heartbeat / arrhythmia / atrial fibrillation / pulsus erraticus

Isoelectric / flat line / moments between cardiac contractions


Jugular / blood vessel adjacent to carotid artery / venous blood flow into right atrium / pulsus reversus / Explanation: premature atrial contractions cause fluttering jugular ‘palpitations’ during thrombocardia at the tricuspid valve / pulsus reversus


Law of La Place / dilated ventricles have weak contraction / low cardiac output / low ejection fraction / light headed dizzy spell / a dilated balloon has  low tension / a big balloon is easier to inflate / the force to inflate a skinny hot dog shaped balloon is greater than the force needed to inflate a fat balloon

Light-headed / low blood pressure / low cardiac output

Logic / science / intelligent reasoning based on observations / evidence based medicine / left side of brain / making sense out of data

Love / a complicated combination of emotion and logic / a natural unconscious attraction between men and women that leads to sexual intimacy, procreation and family / part logic and part emotion/ complex relationship / patient and kind / listens without prejudice / shares 


Malpighi / discovered capillaries inside lungs (alveoli) / discovered left atrial blood clots are different than right atrial clots

Menstrual Cycle / cycle of estrogen & progesterone hormone changes / blood vessel changes inside uterus before during and after ovulation / Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): hot flashes, bloating, insomnia, irritability, mild fever and tachycardia on Day #28, caused by detritus 


Neurology / the organized study of the brain and nervous systems

Nerve / a special cell that mediates and regulates muscle contractions and thinking process

Numb / without sensation / anesthesia / interruption or alteration of nerve transmission / acidosis / neuropathy


Oxygen Desaturation Event / pulse oximeter finger clip transmits infrared beam through finger nail / hemoglobin alters light transmission according to oxygen saturation / a decrease of 4% below baseline saturation rate = oxygen desaturation event / respiratory = "external" suffocation, respiratory oxygen desaturation evernt (RODE) / pulmonary blood clot = "internal" suffocation = circulatory oxygen desaturation event (CODE)


P Wave / first wave of EKG heartbeat / correspond to right and left atrial contractions / blood flow from two atrial contractions / two electric waves that are superimposed on each other / two wave merge and form one united P wave / P mitrale = abnormal wide ‘split P’ wave / mitral stenosis delays blood flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle / P mitrale shifts the superimposition of two electric wave patterns / mitral valve stenosis acts like a prism and separates two merged waves of P wave, two merged waves separate into one tall wide ‘split P’ bifid wave!

Pacemaker / artificial = battery powered computer stimulator, EKG recording & sensing device attached by wires implanted into heart ventricles / regulates heart rhythm / treats sick sinus syndrome / treats and prevents sudden cardiac arrest

Pacemaker / natural areas that stimulate and coordinate peristaltic contractions / SA Node = Sino Atrial Node = a node of responsive nerve tissue inside right atrium, a visible lump inside a depression located in the right atrium of the heart where the superior vena cava drains blood from the arms and brain into the right atrium / the SA node responds to expansion, stretching, pressure, mechanical stimulation, neurochemicals, adrenaline, and electrical stimulation / the SA node impulses initiate two atrial contraction that causes P wave of the EKG / the AV node is visible lump of responsive tissue that triggers the contraction of the ventricles and create the QRS wave / invisible pacemeker cells are imbedded in the muscular walls of the two great arteries and supervise peristaltic contraction that pump blood away from the heart after the contraction of the ventricles are completed / aortic and pulmonary artery contraction generate blood flow that creates the T wave

Palpitations / cardiac sensations caused by blood clots passing through heart valves / tricuspid valve clots cause fluttering sensation with rapid weak pulse as EKG records atrial flutter / pulmonary valve clots cause flip flop sensations with slow strong pulse as EKG records ventricular bigeminy

Panic Attack / Anxiety, shortness of breath, dreadful sensations, powerful sweating, hyper alert sensation, panic / blood clot in pulmonary valve causes sudden "internal" suffocation, sudden pulseless ECG, sudden release of adrenaline with tachycardia and palpitations

Pasteur / famous biochemical research scientist and Professor from France / studied germ metabolism inside milk and discovered lactic acid / anaerobic milk sugar (lactate) → lactic acid + milk protein produce milk curds that are made into tasty cheese 

Paradoxical / intermittent, recurrent, mysterious / heart rhythm caused by blood clots passing through heart valves / paradoxical atrial flutter is caused by paradoxical blood clots passing through the tricuspid valve / "rebellious" palpitation are caused by blood clots going through heart valves

Peristalsis / sequential coordinated smooth muscle contractions that propel fluid or food one way from beginning to end /  esophagus into stomach / ureter into bladder

Physiology: the study of the function of the parts of the human body. Respiration, circulation, metabolism.

PMS / Premenstrual Syndrome / a constellation of events that commence around day #25 or #26 of the menstrual cycle and continue until about day # 2 or #3 / bloating / nausea / breast tenderness / insomnia / headache / irritability / hot flashes

Post Hoc / post hoc ergo propter hoc / misunderstanding relationship between associated events / false beliefs / misunderstanding sequence of events or cause & effect

Premature Heartbeat / abnormal heartbeat / atrial or ventricular / blood clots cause premature beats / valve malfunction cause premature beats

Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) / originates from right or left ventricle / right side PVC usually caused by blood clots passing through the pulmonary valve / aortic stenosis causes PVC that originates from exercise induced blood flow / valve stenosis acts like a prism and separates blood flow wave from aorta and blood flow wave of right ventricle into pulmonary artery / QRS wave is long, wide, bifid and split into two pieces merged together

PVC / Premature Ventricular Contraction / wide long bifid QRS wave

Pulmonary Valve / one of four important flexible, reciprocating, one way valves / regulates blood flow from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery that carries desaturated blood into the lungs

Pulse / Galen / Heartbeat / one of the original vital signs: pulse, respiration, temperature

Pulse Deficit / skipped heartbeat / pulseless EKG / electromechanical dissociation / caused by a blood clots passing through the pulmonary valve

Pulseless EKG / pulse deficit / consecutive pulseless EKG / fainting, seizure, and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)

Pulse Oximeter / a monitor that records the pulse, oxygen saturation, carbon monoxide saturation / a photoplethysmograph / transmits infrared light through the fingertip


QRS Wave / Ventricular Contractions / R wave, blood flow upwards and out of right and left ventricles / Second blood flow of heartbeat / Q Wave, Takotsubo, downward outward bulging of apex of ventricles at start of systole, downward blood flow, inferior MI


Re-entry Circuits / abnormal electrical pacemaker circuits / post hoc misunderstanding / blood flow create self-electric potentials that are measured by voltmeters during electrophysiology procedures called EP / reentrant circuits originate from blood flow not cellular action potentials

Respiration: breathing / inhalation of cool dry air full of oxygen & exhalation of warm moist air full of carbon dioxide / vital sign


SADS / Sudden Arrhythmogenic Death Syndrome / post hoc belief that sudden cardiac arrhythmias cause sudden death / often caused by sudden embolism of supersize blood clot into pulmonary valve / sudden "internal" suffocation / sudden cardiac arrest / thrombothanatos 

SA Node / the natural pacemaker / a node of sympathetic nerve tissue located inside the right atrium of the heart that triggers the start of the normal healthy heartbeat

Scar Tissue / dead tissue / non contracting / no sensation / unfeeling / insensitive / unresponsive

Sciatica / pain radiating down the pathways of branches of peripheral nerves composed of the sciatic nerve roots / mechanical nerve root compression → peripheral nerve tingling / shooting pains down into the legs, ankle and feet along the path of compressed nerve roots

Skipped Heartbeat / pulseless EKG / ventricular arrhythmia / PVC / wide QRS / isometric cardiac contraction / pulseless EKG / electromechanical dissociation (EMG)

Sick Sinus / Sick Sinus Syndrome / Tachy Brady Syndrome / Brady Tachy Syndrome / ideopathic, not yet understood / thrombocardia

Sleep Apnea: oxygen desaturation events that occur during sleep

Sleep Arousal / Night sweats / hot flashes / Tachycardia / PMS / Hodgkin’s disease / blood clots in the tricuspid valve cause the heart to speed up / bloody detritus clogs up the lung filters called alveoli, prevents air cooling process, leads to hyperthermia and night sweats / hot flashes

Sneeze / reflex reaction stimulated by foreign body inside trachea or bronchial tubes / reflex stimulated by blood clots inside the heart valves / pulmonary arteries / brief suspension of the heartbeat

Stasis / Slow or No blood flow / anaerobic metabolism / compartment syndrome / VOO / CO / lactic acid / clots

Stenosis / Narrowing / Explanation: valve narrowing reduces blood flow / fluid dynamics: flow is proportional to the radius of the tube raised to the 4th power / stenosis and fluid mechanics explains impact of small blood clot on blood flow

Syncope / fainting / pulseless EKG / unconscious / hypoxia / asleep / hypnosis / hyupercapnea / narcolepsy / detritus

Syndrome / a collection of symptoms associated with an unknown disease process / idiopathic

Supernatural / magic / unnatural / outside the natural / paranormal / opposite of natural


T Wave / third wave of EKG / misunderstood post hoc confusion / ‘repolarization’ of the ventricles /  aortic & pulmonary artery contractions create upward - downward blood flow

Tachycardia / rapid, fast heartbeat / fast pulse

Thrombocardia: blood clots interfere with blood flow through heart valves and alter the rhythm of the EKG and pulse / thrombocardia is the cause of sick sinus syndrome. 

Thrombophysiology / logical study of blood clot formation and function / blood = resin / lactic acid = hardener

Thrombothanatos / sudden death by embolism of supersize blood clots into pulmonary valve → internal circulatory suffocation cardiac arrest → "global" acidosis → fatal fibrillation of heart → asystole

Tinnitus / ringing in the ears / aspirin toxicity / excess aspirin → embolism of detritus into brain → tinnitus


Unconscious / asleep / natural state of rest / narcolepsy / hypercapnea


Valve: heart valve / flexible one way reciprocating fluid valves that regulate blood flow in heart / heart valves separate blood flow of heartbeat

Vein / soft flexible tubular blood vessel / carries blood back into the heart / pulmonary veins (lungs) / systemic veins (body)

Ventricular Fibrillation / sudden death / SADS / wiggling heart muscle / no pulse / precursor to asystole & death

Virchow / brilliant physician from Berlin, Germany / all cells come from cells / discovered leukemia / uncovered causes of coagulation / Virchow's triad: trauma, hyper coagulation and stasis / misunderstood infection, lactic acid & detritus

Vitamin D / osteoporosis / lactic acid / aseptic necrosis / alcohol / pathological fracture / sunshine / exercise / soft bones / calcium / nutrition / metabolism / diet

Voltmeter / measures electric current / resistance / electric ‘pressure’ / direct current / electron flow / streaming potentials

VOO = venous outflow obstruction = compartment syndrome / sitting position in airplane → 'economy class syndrome' / VOO leads to lactic acid + blood clots + phlebitis 


Warburg / physician & research scientist / discovered that cancer cells metabolize sugar into lactic acid / Hodgkin’s lymphoma causes lactic acid that forms clots that embolize into lungs during sleep and cause night sweats with racing heartbeats

Water H2O / the essence of life / polarized / magnetic / major component of blood / blood flow generates electricity

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