Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy dies following crash

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy known for his charisma and ability to mentor new deputies died Tuesday night after apparently suffering a medical emergency and crashing his patrol vehicle, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Prior to the 8:35 p.m. crash, Deputy Robert Rumfelt, 50, had helped arrest a man who’d fought with deputies, said Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin. After Rumfelt left the Lakeport call, he drove off a nearby road and hit a tree.

He was taken to Sutter Lakeside Hospital and died from his injuries.

Rumfelt, known as “Rob,” was a lifelong Lake County resident and member of a prominent Lake County family. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and an assistant football coach at Clear Lake High School.

Brothers Jack and Bob Senske – die weeks apart

By Tim Grobaty, Long Beach Press Telegram

They were stars from the old days at St. Anthony, the 1940s and 1950s: Jack Senske, one of the key players of the 1949 Saints football team that won the CIF championship, with B.I. Mais and Johnny Olszewski, and his youngest brother Bob, who excelled in baseball, golf and sailing.

Jack and Bob Senske
Jack and Bob Senske

Jack died on Aug. 11 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s. He was 86. Bob died suddenly on Wednesday from a heart attack suffered after knee surgery. He was 80.

Mais recalls the early 1940s when he and Jack Senske would roam the wild and open west side of Long Beach around the alphabetized streets east of Santa Fe. There were large fields of strawberries and vegetables, a turkey farm, and pastures of cows and horses. Above it all were barrage balloons tethered nearby the oil fields to protect the Texaco refinery from aerial attack by the Japanese.

The Senskes lived on Baltic Avenue, the Maises two blocks away on Delta Avenue. “Jack was the oldest, and his three younger brothers all wanted to be like him, so we all hung out together,” said Mais. “We spent a lot of time at Silverado Park playing sports.”

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