Forestville teen saved by father by CPR

The Press Democrat, December 24, 2016
by Chris Smith
Forestville teen who saved by father by CPR, headed for Rose Parade
CPR Lewis and Steve Griffith
Lewis Griffith was only 13 years old when his dad Steve suffered a cardiac arrest in their Forestville [California] home. Luckily Lewis had learned CPR in his PE class at school and saved his father’s life in 2014 (John Burgess/ The Press Democrat)

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich dies at 96

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, Famous for Antichoking Technique, Dies at 96
DEC. 17, 2016
New York Times

It is called the Heimlich maneuver — saving a choking victim with a bear hug and abdominal thrusts to eject a throat obstruction — and since its inception in 1974 it has become a national safety icon, taught in schools, portrayed in movies, displayed on restaurant posters and endorsed by medical authorities.

It is also the stuff of breathless, brink-of-death tales, told over the years by Ronald Reagan, Edward I. Koch, Elizabeth Taylor, Goldie Hawn, Cher, Walter Matthau, Halle Berry, Carrie Fisher, Jack Lemmon, the sportscaster Dick Vitale, the television newsman John Chancellor and many others.

Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, the thoracic surgeon and medical maverick who developed and crusaded for the antichoking technique that has been credited with saving an estimated 100,000 lives, died on Saturday at a hospital in Cincinnati after suffering a heart attack at his home there last Monday, his family said. He was 96.

More than four decades after inventing his maneuver, Dr. Heimlich used it himself on May 23 to save the life of an 87-year-old woman choking on a morsel of meat at Deupree House, their senior residence in Cincinnati. He said it was the first time he had ever used the maneuver in an emergency, although he had made a similar claim in 2003.

Patty Ris, who had by chance sat at Dr. Heimlich’s table in a dining hall, began eating a hamburger. “And the next thing I know, I could not breathe I was choking so hard,” she said later. Recognizing her distress, Dr. Heimlich did his thing. “A piece of meat with a little bone attached flew out of her mouth,” he recalled.

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Patrick Reed and Wife Justine are the PGA Tour’s Dream Team

by Alan Shipnuck
Posted: Thu Feb. 5, 2015 on
Patrick Reed is not a villain, but he plays one on TV.


Justine gave up Patrick's bag with the arrival of Windsor-Wells, but ever the competitor, she still plots strategy with her man and is quick with a swing critique.
Justine gave up Patrick’s bag with the arrival of Windsor-Wells, but ever the competitor, she still plots strategy with her man and is quick with a swing critique. Photo: Kohjiro Kinno/SI
Photo: Kohjiro Kinno/SI

In 2014, Reed proved he is really good at two things: winning golf tournaments and ticking people off. It started last March at Doral, where he beat a world-class field and then crowed in front of God and Johnny Miller that he should be considered a top five player. Reed, 23 at the time, had a pretty convincing case: It was his third victory in seven months. But golf is not a sport that smiles upon the self-aggrandizing, and Reed was mocked on social media and PGA Tour driving ranges. Then in September at the Ryder Cup, Reed morphed into a full-blown Danny Ainge—a player you love to hate, especially if you’re one of the 743 million Europeans. In a taut singles match against Henrik Stenson at Gleneagles in Scotland, Reed, after a birdie at the 7th hole, put his fingers to his lips to shush the partisan crowd. All told, he would make eight crowd-quieting birdies, including one on the final hole to win the match, set up by what he calls “the best 3-iron of my life.” At a World Golf Championship event in China in November, Reed missed a short putt and unleashed a profane rant that included a homophobic slur, which was broadcast around the world. The invective was directed only at himself, but the incident furthered the belief that Reed might not be fully in control of his instrument.

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Monterey County Weekly
Thursday, December 6, 2012
By Mary Duan

Mother and Child Reunion: Eva Ruiz-Gomez embraces her son
Mother and Child Reunion: Eva Ruiz-Gomez embraces her son, whom the Weekly isn’t identifying. The boy says he doesn’t intend to comply with an order to spend time with his father.


Eva Ruiz-Gomez steps through the double doors of Courtroom 13 at the Monterey County Superior Courthouse, her long, dark hair pulled back from her face, and asks for a phone.

“I need a phone. I have to call his soccer coach and find out what time his game is tomorrow. I need a phone. I need a phone,” she says, one hand pressed flat across her stomach, her voice increasingly frantic. “Can someone please let me use their phone?”

She is petite and pretty, with high cheekbones and dark eyes, wearing low-heeled pumps, a conservative pantsuit and a simple strand of pearls around her neck. Someone steps forward to hand her a cellphone – it’s one of the dozens of supporters waiting while Judge Susan Matcham holds a closed hearing with Ruiz-Gomez’ teenage son, the boy with the soccer game.

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